The San Francisco Department of Emergency Management’s (SFDEM) Training Program plans, facilitates and coordinates an average of two training sessions a month involving local, state and federal partners to help them practice emergency planning and management skills. SFDEM works will a wide variety of partners to design and provide training opportunities for City staff, the private sector, non-profit organizations and other regional response partners. SFDEM Training helps to develop essential emergency management skills, reinforce Emergency Operations Center (EOC) responsibilities and introduce technology. The principles learned during training are reinforced during exercises organized and facilities by DEM.

Training Information and Resources

Upcoming Training Courses: July 2022 Integrated Training Calendar PDF (Updated on the 3rd Tuesday of the month)

Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Staff Guide: SFDEM has developed an EOC Staff Development Guide to train city employees to activate the EOC and maintain operations for days, weeks or even months.

Disaster Service Workers Information
City and County of San Francisco employees can visit the Department of Human Resources to get information about San Francisco's Disaster Service Worker (DSW) program.

Emergency Management Training Program Providers

FEMA Independent Study Courses


Browse through independent study courses offered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).


Bay Area Urban Area Security Initiative Courses

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Training opportunities offered by the Bay Area Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI).

Center for Domestic Preparedness

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Find courses offered by the Center for Domestic Preparedness


Texas A&M Extension (TEEX)

Find courses offered by TEEX


Department Disaster Employee Training
The South Napa Earthquake on August 24th, 2014, was the first major earthquake to hit the Bay Area since Loma Prieta, nearly 25 years ago. While much of the Bay Area was spared from significant damage, its impacts to Napa and Vallejo are stark reminders that even the latest developments in engineering and technology do not yield complete immunity from disaster. Emergencies can strike at any time and successful response relies on both personal and community preparedness. Please explore the following resources designed to help ensure the you and your loved ons are kept safe and know what to do when the ground shakes in San Francisco.


Being a Disaster Service Worker
San Francisco Disaster Service Worker Training
Do you know what your responsibilities are to the City and County of San Francisco (CCSF), before and after a disaster? All CCSF employees are designated by both State and City law as Disaster Service Workers (DSWs). This 15-minute video provides an overview of the types of activities DSWs may be assigned, and home and work preparedness measures to help ensure you will be ready and available when duty calls.

American Red Cross: Preparedness for Disaster Service Workers
You won’t be able to effectively perform your DSW duties without first confirming that your family is safe. Protect your loved ones by developing a family emergency plan and assembling emergency supply kits. This 11-minute animated video from the Red Cross tells the story of how one community works together to prepare for the unexpected.

Personal Preparedness
Do you have what it takes to sustain yourself and your loved ones for the first 72 hours (3 days) after a disaster? Visit this site to learn about what to do in an emergency, simple steps to get connected, and useful guides to help you get prepared. We believe in connection, not catastrophe – and good news: you’re more prepared than you think!

Red Cross Earthquake Safety Checklist:
Do you know what to do when an earthquake occurs? Check out these recommendations on what to do in addition to “drop, cover and hold on” during the shaking, and what to do afterward – such as putting on shoes to avoid cutting your feet on broken glass.

SF Animal Care & Control: Pet Disaster Plan
Be sure to also prepare your furry/feathered/scaled loved ones! This resource developed by SF Animal Care and Control includes mitigative advice like securing cages in case of earthquake and recommendations for items to include in a pet disaster kit. Caring for Animals… and more!
This site includes a video and tips on how to protect and care for your pet during and following a disaster. Learn how to help reduce your pets’ anxiety in an emergency situation, and how to mitigate disorientation due to changes in familiar smells and landmarks. also includes a wealth of other resources in several languages for developing personal/family emergency plans (including considerations for populations with special needs) and recommendations for specific items and quantities to include in an emergency kit.

Personal Preparedness & Disaster Service Workers Resources for CCSF Supervisors
Emergencies can strike at any time and successful response relies on personal preparedness. This Personal Preparedness & Disaster Service Workers presentation slides, with facilitator notes (slides with notes or script) included, allows any supervisor to review with their staff on how to boost our personal preparedness so that we'll be ready to support San Francisco as Disaster Service Workers.