Programs homepage imageAuxiliary Communications Service
The Department of Emergency Management's Auxiliary Communications Service (ACS) is a unit of Amateur Radio operators and other volunteer staff who provide vital communication skills during a disaster.

Building Occupancy Resumption Program (BORP)
BORP is a program of the Department of Building Inspection that helps building owners to pre-certify private post-earthquake inspections by qualified engineers.

Community Safety Cameras
The City operates public safety cameras at several high-crime locations to assist with crime investigations. The San Francisco Police Department manages this program. As the Custodian of Records, DEM manages requests for camera data.

Citizen Corps Council
The Citizen Corps Council meets regularly as a forum for community-based organizations to provide input into the City's disaster management activities.

Community Action Plan for Seismic Safety (CAPSS)
The CAPSS project will make policy recommendations to the Department of Building Inspection (DBI) regarding the earthquake performance of most privately-owned, existing buildings in the City, in order to reduce future earthquake damage and facilitate building repair.

Disaster Council
The Disaster Council is made up of key department heads and City officials, members of the Board of Supervisors, and representatives of private organizations appointed by the Mayor. The Council meets at the call of the Mayor to share information and ensure full participation by member agencies in the emergency planning activities of the City. Meetings are open to the public.

Disaster Preparedness Coordinators
Disaster Preparedness Coordinators from multiple City agencies meet regularly to share information and develop action plans based on the City's All-Hazards Strategic Plan.

Disaster Service Workers (DSW)
All employees of the City and County of San Francisco are designated Disaster Service Workers and in the event of a disaster can be reassigned to duties outside of their regular day-to-day job responsibilities.

Emergency Medical Services Agency (EMSA)
EMSA regulates San Francisco’s emergency medical services system. The agency provides credentials to emergency medical technicians and paramedics practicing in San Francisco. EMSA establishes polices and protocols and permit ambulance provider and training programs.

Police Emergency Alarm Ordinance
DEM manages the False Alarm program for the San Francisco Police Department.

Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT)
The San Francisco Fire Department sponsors the NERT program. NERT is designed to cross-train citizens in the basic skills most commonly needed in a disaster. The 20 hour training includes personal preparedness, light search & rescue, disaster medicine, and how to shut off your utilities.

Outdoor Public Warning System
The City’s Outdoor Public Warning System is designed to alert residents and visitors of San Francisco about possible danger. Specific emergency announcements can be broadcast over any one (or more) of the 113 sirens which are located on poles and on top of buildings throughout all neighborhoods in San Francisco, Treasure Island, and Yerba Buena.

Resilient SF
The ResilientSF Initiative is a collective effort by city agencies to develop strategic vision for post-disaster recovery in order to create a unified framework of resilience.

Special Events
The Department of Emergency Management works closely with our City partners and the community both before and during major public events. In advance of these events we host a large planning meeting that takes into account possible street closures, re-routes for transit, emergency operations, medical plans, and safety.