Planning Meetings

For a seminar, it is possible that only one or two planning meetings will be conducted. Throughout the planning process, ensure that the following items are addressed:

1. Determine Seminar Focus

Work with the Seminar Planning Team to determine which elements of the plan the seminar will focus on.

2. Set Seminar Purpose

Identify a purpose statement that provides a basic framework for the seminar. The purpose statement is typically 1-2 sentences long. Sample: The XXX Seminar is intended to familiarize participants with the XXX Plan in order to prepare for an upcoming test of the plan.

3. Identify Participants

Based on the seminar focus and the seminar purpose, work with Seminar Planning Team to choose the most appropriate participants for the seminar.

4. Set a Date

Discuss and determine an appropriate seminar date with the Seminar Planning Team. Choose a date that will suit both planning team members and anticipated participants.

5. Identify a Seminar Facility

Secure a space with enough seating for the estimated number of seminar participants. If you will be using a PowerPoint presentation, ensure that the facility allows for this capability (has a projection screen and projector). If you plan to feed participants, make sure that the facility has space and allows this.

6. Send out a Save-the-Date

If the date of the seminar is several weeks or months out, send out a save-the-date email to identified seminar participants. work with the Seminar Planning Team to choose the participants and send out a save-the-date announcement.

7. Send out Invitations to Seminar Participants

Create an invitation and send it out to all participants approximately 2-3 weeks prior to the seminar.

8. Divide Responsibilities among Planning Team

Distribute planning responsibilities among the Seminar Planning Team (documentation development, logistics tracking, etc.).