Mass Gatherings & Special Events

Medical Plans for Special Events


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The San Francisco Traffic Code requires the Interdepartmental Staff Committee on Traffic and Transportation (ISCOTT) to review and approve applications for the temporary use or occupancy of a public street, a street fair, or an athletic event that includes the dispensing of beverages or other use that generates large volumes of recyclables materials.

In the case of major events* , applicants shall also submit an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Plan to ISCOTT, which shall be forwarded to the Director of the Emergency Medical Services Agency (EMS Agency). ISCOTT shall consider the recommendations of the EMS Agency regarding the EMS Plan.

This section of the website contains the EMS Agency Policy and Procedure that implements Traffic Code Section 800 et. seq. This policy identifies specific mitigation efforts, such as EMT or Paramedic Ambulance staffing, which is required for various size mass gathering events. This section of the website also contains an EMS Plan exemplar, and plan formats for small and large mass gatherings.

A minimum EMS Plan standard for any major event is the ability to provide on-site CPR and being able to rapidly access the 911 System. Information on CPR classes may be found at numerous health-related sites including the American Heart Association, the Red Cross, and the San Francisco Paramedic Association. Information on the San Francisco 911 System may be found at the San Francisco Emergency Communications Department website.

In order to facilitate evaluation of Mass Gathering policies and plans, Event Planners are being asked to provide a brief summary of injury and other health-related activities for each Event by completing the report form listed below. The form should be submitted to EMSA within one month of the Event.

* Major events are those events including athletic events and street fairs that involve any of the following: 1) the use of more than five blocks; 2) the expected attendance or participation of more than 1000 people at any one time; 3) rerouting of more than three Municipal Railway transit lines; 4) any sports events at Candlestick Park with expected attendance of more than 50,000 people; or 5) any parade governed by the provisions of Police Code Section 366.