Exercise Setup

Room Setup

Members of the exercise planning team assigned to set up should visit the exercise site at least one day prior to the event to arrange the room and test audio/video (A/V) equipment. On the day of the exercise, planning team members should arrive several hours before the beginning of the exercise to handle any remaining logistical or administrative items pertaining to setup and to arrange for registration.


Prior to exercise conduct, the planning team must develop and bring any necessary exercise materials and equipment, which may include the following:

  • Adequate number of Situation Manuals (SitMans) or other written materials for exercise participants
  • Multimedia presentation
  • Appropriate A/V equipment including televisions, projectors, projection screens, microphones, and speakers
  • Table tents for each table
  • Name tents for each participant
  • Badges identifying the role of each exercise participant (e.g., player, observer, VIP, facilitator, evaluator)
  • Sign-in sheets
  • Participant Feedback Forms