Exercise Program

The San Francisco Department of Emergency Management’s (SFDEM) Exercise Program coordinates exercises involving local, state and federal partners to help them practice response skills in “real-life” disaster scenarios. SFDEM works locally, regionally, at the state level and nationally to design and execute exercises among our multi-disciplinary stakeholders (to include the Department of Defense [DOD] and other federal agencies). DEM is proud to be a national leader in both the size and complexity of the program, which regularly includes partners from across sectors. SFDEM was awarded the 2012 Award for Excellence in Emergency Preparedness for private sector inclusion in the America’s Cup Exercise Program by the Business Recovery Managers Association (BRMA). By all accounts, the SFDEM Exercise Program sets a high standard and is well-respected in the emergency management community.

Exercise Toolkit
Provides San Francisco departments, agencies, businesses, and communities the tools and resources that are necessary to plan and execute organized and productive emergency preparedness exercises.

Exercise After Action Reports
Review After Action Reports (AAR) from exercises and operations conducted by SFDEM.

CCSF Multi-Year Emergency Services Plan
Overview of local, state, federal, non-governmental and private sector training and exercises for the next two years.