Emergency Services

Planning and Preparing for Emergency Response and Recovery

Emergency ServicesEmergency managers and planners help residents, businesses, non-profits, visitors, and other city departments plan for, respond to and recover from disasters. DEM believes that actual emergencies look more like people coming together than cities falling apart. This is why we work closely with various people and organizations to help San Francisco become a more resilient city.

For community groups, businesses, and nonprofit organizations, DEM’s community engagement team provides resources and access to training and information. Click here to schedule a presentation or request information.

Emergency Managers and planners also work with disaster preparedness coordinators from numerous San Francisco departments and liaisons from regional, state, and federal partners in the response to and recovery from any type of emergency or planned event. Click here for more information of DEM’s Disaster Preparedness Coordinator Program.

DEM’s emergency services responsibilities also includes management of San Francisco’s Emergency Medical Services Agency (EMSA). For more information about EMSA

During Emergency Response and Recovery

In the event of an emergency or a planned event, DEM may activate San Francisco’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC). In general, emergency managers, planners, and disaster preparedness coordinators in the EOC are responsible for monitoring events, supporting field operations, coordinating citywide resources and providing public information.

Promoting a San Francisco Culture of Emergency Preparedness

DEM also conducts ongoing emergency preparedness education designed to empower all who live in, work in and visit San Francisco to know what to do before, during and after an emergency or disaster, and to translate this knowledge into behavior that facilitates accurate and efficient response to, and swift recovery from any type emergency or disaster.