Emergency Operations

Special Events Emergency Action Plan  (EAP) Template
Review and download SFDEM's Special Events Emergency Action (EAP) Template.

24-hour Post Incident Action Plan Template
Review and download SFDEM's 24-hour Post Incident Action Plan Template.

Preparedness Benchmark Tool
This tool is designed to capture the Government component of the Resilient San Francisco Initiative which seeks to implement strategies, projects, plans and programs that will accelerate post-disaster, long-term recovery and reconstitution.

Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP)
The following tools have been designed to help you inventory and prioritize your department’s typical practices so that you can develop contingency strategies to sustain critical operations when resources are unexpectedly, temporarily reduced or unavailable due to an emergency incident

Event After Action Reports (AAR)
Review After Action Reports from SFDEM Emergency Operations Center activations.

Sign Up for Alerts
SFDEM uses multiple platforms to provide electronic public alerts.  Sign up mobile and social media alerts.

National Weather Service San Francisco Bay Area/Monterey Forecast
Visit the National Weather Service for weather updates for the San Francisco Bay Area/Monterey