Disaster Preparedness Coordinators

San Francisco City departments play a vital role in implementing the City's Emergency Management Program. In accordance with the Mayor’s Executive Directive 06-01, issued May 10, 2006, “each City department shall appoint a Disaster Preparedness Coordinator to be responsible for coordination of emergency preparedness activities in their respective departments."


The Disaster Preparedness Coordinators meet regularly to share information and work together to implement the All-Hazards Strategic Plan. Participating departments include:





General Services Agency

Animal Care and Control

Human Services Agency

Auxiliary Communications Service

Medical Examiner

American Red Cross

Municipal Transportation Agency

Controller’s Office

Mayor’s Office

Department of Building Inspection

Port of San Francisco

Department of Emergency Management

Public Utilities Commission

Department of Human Resources

Recreation and Parks Department

Department of the Environment

San Francisco Fire Department

Department of Public Health

San Francisco International Airport

Department of Public Works

San Francisco Police Department

Department of Technology

San Francisco Sheriff’s Department

Emergency Medical Services Agency

San Francisco Unified School District