Conduct Seminar


The multimedia presentation will assist the facilitator(s) and seminar participants as you conduct a review of the plan. Individuals selected to present should be confident of their abilities, able to speak well in front of large audiences, and exhibit their expertise of the subject.

The presentation typically starts with brief remarks by representatives from the exercise planning team or sponsoring entity, and/or any senior officials. After the opening remarks, the presentation moves into a brief introductory and explanatory phase led facilitator. The facilitator will then proceed to provide an overview or any instruction on the plan components that have been decided upon throughout the seminar planning process. 

Wrap-Up Activities

At the end of the seminar, it is helpful to conduct a short hotwash with the participants to review areas of the plan that they found particularly helpful and to capture their feedback on areas of the plan that could be improved.  It is also beneficial to provide a Participant Feedback Form that asks for input about how the seminar itself was conducted.