Budget Information

Budget Transparency Legislation

On December 17, 2019, the Board of Supervisors passed Ordinance 0294-19 (File No. 191072) to amend the Administrative Code to modify the process for the City's adoption of the annual budget by requiring City agencies to hold public hearings prior to submission of their proposed budgets to the Controller and the Mayor; requiring the Mayor to submit to the Board of Supervisors a description of the Mayor's budget priorities after holding a public hearing regarding those priorities; and requiring the Controller to maintain a public website with information about the City's budget process. 

To view the full language of Ordinance 0294-19, click on the following link: PDF icon Admin Code_Budget Approval Process_ Ord 0294-19.pdf


Public Comment on DEM's Budget

Public comment on DEM’s proposed budget as presented on February 4, 2020 will be accepted through February 14, 2020 by emailing DEM's Chief Financial Officer:  william.lee@sfgov.org