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We are a unit of trained professionals who supply communications support to the agencies of the City and County of San Francisco, particularly during major events/incidents. Our goal is to support the gathering and distribution of information necessary to respond to and recover from a disaster. Our standard method of communication is amateur radio (ham radio), but we use all means of communication, including telephone, fax, email, text messaging, social media and public service radio systems.

Volunteers are primarily licensed Amateur Radio operators; individuals possessing other technical and communications skills and licenses are also welcome to apply. Training in basic emergency communications is provided, as well as in-depth training and exercises to familiarize personnel with the many City agencies we serve.


The ACS Leadership Team is comprised of the following:

Corey Siegel, KJ6LDJ

Deputy Chief
Albert Goto, N6SX

External Stations Lead
Bob Peterson, KG6QDK

Membership Lead
Cathy Peterson, KG6QDJ

Training Lead
James Downs, KM6ASJ

Facilities Lead
Bill Stepka, AE4ER

Radio Operations Lead
Greg Albrecht, W2GMD

Past Chief / Advisor
Lawrence Lin, AB2PS


For all inquiries, please email demacs@sfgov.org.